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The world is changing fast...and leadership is more important than ever

Organizations all over the world are experiencing massive change: a big shift from a time of predictable, linear futures to one that features complex unpredictability and deep interconnectivity. In this world, leadership development is more important than ever before.


Today, leadership is about leading networks and communities without the traditional lever of authority.  The constant pressure of social media has left us demanding a totally different approach to leading, which we call Social Leadership.  


At Park Consulting we have the tools and experience to help you and your company develop the leadership talent you need to succeed in the new realities of the Social Age.


Check out the new book by Frank Guglielmo and Sudhanshu Palsule:  The Social Leader: Redefining Leadership for the Complex Social Age


Available in bookstores and:

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Read Frank Guglielmo's new article A Consistent Personal Narrative is the Key to Leading in the Social Age here


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